THE OFFICE OF CERTIFIED TRANSLATOR AND INTERPRETER OF ENGLISH AND THE TRANSLATION AGENCY The combined services of the translation agency (operating since 2005) and the services of a certified (sworn) translator and interpreter of the English language – Ms. Barbara Wesołowska-Marszałek (licence TP65/2009) translate into a comprehensive offer for the client. Here, you have all types of translations “under one roof”:

  • Written translations and oral interpretations
  • Translations into English and from English/ Interpretations into English and from English
  • Translations into many other languages/ Interpretations into many other languages
  • Certified (sworn”) and non-certified translations and interpretations
  • Non-standard language pairs

Our offer includes quality, observance of deadlines, free customer service and free quotation.

Free quotation – you can always ask us to prepare a price quotation of your assignment – send us a copy of the document or the word file by e-mail, if you need an oral interpretation – send the details (location, topic or purpose of the interpretation, estimated duration) by e-mail to:
- biuro@words24.com.pl,
- words24@gmail.com.

NOTE! A quotation is an estimate price, the exact price will be calculated on the basis of the number of characters in the translated text.

WE ARE A VAT PAYER! Net prices are increased with VAT (23%). Alternatively, in case of certified translations (below please find the explanation of the difference between certified and non-certified translation/interpretation) you can bring the original documents to our office at:

ul. Szkolna 1, premises 203, homephone 2 or 1. NOTE! We are in the office Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 15.45/16.30 pm, the latecomers can still upon arrangement collect their translations or leave documents for translation in the reception on the 1st floor upon arrangement. We answer you calls and e-mails Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 16.30 pm. Where we are: Words24 Centrum tłumaczeń i nauki języków obcych ul. Szkolna 1, premises 203, 61-835 Poznań

Is there any difference between certified and non-certified translation/interpretation?

Certified translations (interpretations) are required for official purposes. Certified translations have a hardcopy form and bear a seal and the signature of the translator, they are the equivalents of the original documents and have the same validity. If you do not have the original document, its printout will be attached to the translation and the translator will confirm the compliance of the translation with the copy of the document, which will be attached to the translation

A standard page of a certified translation is defined by the legal provisions issued by the Ministry of Justice and this is a page of 1125 characters including the spaces.

NOTE! A document page is not always one standard page of a certified translation. The number of standard pages depend on the length of text on the document page.

Interpretations by a certified translator are also required for official purposes – these are usually interpretations in courts, at the police stations or at a notary’s office.

Each certified translation or interpretation is registered by the translator in his/her register kept for the last 2 years of the translator’s business activity. This means you can easily trace back a document by its registration number and get its copy up to 2 years after the translation assignment.

In each certified translation or interpretation, the translator/interpreter is always identified through his/her signature and official seal with his/her licence number.

The GDPR – The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 applies in Poland as of 25 May 2018, we comply with these regulations – your personal data is safe with us! RODO We care for our clients making all our best efforts to provide high quality and timely translation and interpretation services! [see who OUR CLIENTS are]